I’m a San Francisco Bay Area-based UX Designer with 10 years experience helping non-profit organizations achieve their mission.

I’ve always loved creating art. My enthusiasm for design grew from working with nonprofit organizations helping to build their website and databases in a user and customer friendly way. It was the perfect alchemy of creativity, psychology, and value driven work.

I graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in Computer Science, Music and Religion. During this time I studied abroad in Bodhgaya, India and was introduced to the teachings of Buddhism. A few years later, after reading The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying and continuing to study Buddhism, I embarked on a traditional 3 year retreat in the Tibetan tradition. I continue with my studies today as an instructor in meditation and compassion.

I have a background in trompe l’oeil mural painting. The challenge of planning large scale murals that observers believed to be reality fed my passion for planning the big picture while still paying close attention to the smallest detail. I also love bluegrass music, hiking in nature, and helping organizations meet their highest impact through user friendly and efficient interfaces.