Inner Temple


Peeling away the layers of space and time, we see that this seemingly ordinary building tells a story of a culture struggling to preserve its identity in the face of great odds. Yet despite all efforts to pave over the past, the Tibetans’ story can not be silenced, and continuously finds ways to remind the world of their plight. Here we see both of these forces in action: the worker up top, covering over the last bit of exposed space through which we see the Dharmachakra, the symbol of the Buddha’s turning of the wheel of Dharma, and an integral fixture on top of all Tibetan monasteries. Yet down below, a section has mysteriously broken open, revealing another section of the temple through which we see the young Tibetan monk hiding behind a wall of prayer wheels. This has managed to pique the interest of a young Chinese boy passing by on his way to school. In the interaction between the Chinese  and Tibetan boys we see a spark of hope where the natural human reaction of curiosity, even more apparent in young children, brings these two worlds together for a moment. In this space in-between, between the ancient and the modern, between sacred and secular, there is a moment of coexistence.


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